We teach Chinese martial arts with an emphasis on the Chinese culture and health . We stress a lot on the health benefits of kung fu, but self-defense is our main topic. We also teaches lion dance on Saturday for those who wants the extra workout. It reinforces and complements the kung fu training.

The Instructor, sifu Paul Lee has a bachelor degree in physical education, and has been learning martial art for over 10 years. He goes to Hong Kong and San Francisco annually to train with masters there. His current masters include master Chiu Chi Ling 趙志凌 for Hung ga kung fu and master Wan Kin On 溫健安 for lion dance.

We have been opened since 2010 and currently accepting new students. Our class size is small (between 5 and 10 students) and personal. Our fee is affordable and flexible. Regardless of who you are, we welcome everyone. That includes seniors, kids, big adults, small females, or anyone in between. You control the intensity of the workout.

Call us today for more information…(314) 603-2328